Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What does lavorazione artigianale on a pair of boots mean?

I bought a pair of boots from Italy and trying to find out where the boots were made but the production stamp is nowhere to be seen except for the 'lavorazione artigianale' imprint on the sole of my boots.

Answer on What does lavorazione artigianale on a pair of boots mean?

The phrase does not give information about the place where it was made. It means "hand-crafted".

Saturday, April 14, 2012

What should be my next piercing?


well, I'm really aiming for a septum piercing or a monroe.. maybe both? Idk, well I got my labret and tongue pierced and I was thinking i want snakebites :D but... now i'm thinking angel bites? I will not pierce my eyebrow though,

Answer on What should be my next piercing?

definitely a nose! a small jeweled stud will suit you so much!

+ maybe a microdermal on the side of eye, near the temple ? your eyes are gorgeous and a small jeweled dermal there will draw attention to that area and look really pretty :)

im not too sure about snakebites though seeing as you already have a labret, but i think angel bites might work but i wouldnt really go for a septum (not discriminating against it, i just dont think it'll suit you that much)

good luck xx

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sociopath, psychopath, etc..?

How do you tell if you could possibly have these disorders. I've researched, but maybe there is still something I don't know, and you might. This is mainly out of curiousity, and wanting to figure myself out. And please, no jokes about this. Thank you in advance

Answer on Sociopath, psychopath, etc..?

The issue with many types of psychological disorder that is serious, e.g. some strand of psychopathology like schizophrenia, is that if you think you have it, you'll be subject to one of two routes; you'll either A) Have the disorder but have an insight into it, making it easier to deal with, or B) Not have it at all.

'People who think they're insane are the sane ones. Crazy people are the ones who think everyone else is insane.'

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fast Food Diet Question?

Someone told me that if you eat a Mcdonald's Double Cheesburger, a Taco Bell Bean Burrito, and two pieces of KFC Original Recipe Chicken for two weeks every day for lunch that you will have a wet one. Is this true?

Answer on Fast Food Diet Question?

A wet one? What does that mean??

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Socials 11 World war II Questions. Important Please Help.?

I need some help with the questions that i am going to write below. I just need major key points for the answer nothing else. Thanks for the help in advance.

1. Mackenzie King wished to keep Canada's wartime effort close to home- how did he do this?

2. What was the policy of total war? How did it change Canada's economy? Why was the policy necessary?

3. Describe what happened at the Evacuation of Dunkirk.

4. What was the purpose of Dieppe raid? Why were Canadian troops chosen for the raid? Why did it fail?

5. Describe the invasion of Italy and Sicily. How did it happen?

6. Describe D-Day. What was the plan for the invasion of Europe? How was it carried out? How did it help win the war?

7. Describe Hitler's 'Final Solution' to exterminate the 'undesirables'.

8. Why were Japanese Canadians interned during WWII? What Happened to them?

9. What were the major changes in Canada's economy during this period?

10. What are the similarities and differences between WW1 And WW2?

I have test on these questions. Please answer any you know.

Answer on Socials 11 World war II Questions. Important Please Help.?

3. The Germans were sweeping across Europe and the British had retreated to the coast and were pinned down waiting to be rescued...every boat that held water were brought to the south coast of England and sailors, fishermen, coastguards, teachers, grocers, farmers and their wives sailed across the channel with a hand full of Navy vessels to bring them home. My Grandfather was in charge of a large number of troops at Dunkirk..he assisted the evacuation of thousands onto small boats and was under constant fire for 3 days and nights...he was one of the last to leave...he was never quite the same again.

6. After dunkirk we (British) and the Germans fully expected Germany to invade Britain like they had all across Europe...first by air and then by ground assault (blitzkrieg). It started with 'the Battle of Britain...a couple of hundred British fighter panes against the entire German Luftwaffe ...but we won the day and Hitler changed tactics, going for bombing raids on large cities. But the British stood firm. Finally America joined in...and we started to fight back...and the big obstacle...getting back off this island and onto the european shore...hence D Day. A massive co-ordinated assault that left the Germans overwhelmed and the Allies with a firm foothold.

7. Hitler simply felt some people were less than human and he created death camps to process the thousands/millions..first the mentally ill and the Gypsies, then the Jews...nothing to do with war simply a by-product...as the Germans took over new Countries they found more 'undesirables' that needed killing...they were rounded up into ghettos and herded onto trains, taken away so that the killing could be done in a proper way...with German efficiency.

8. Japanese people (and Germans too) were rounded up...just in case they were spies or could give support to their 'homelands'.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Do you remember the day on Twitter?

When #sweatyballs and #biebersvagina were trending tropics? Haha when I saw it I laughed so hard lol

Answer on Do you remember the day on Twitter?

I Dont go on twitter that much but thats damn funny

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How much would this tattoo cost?

This sentence:

Like this:


Answer on How much would this tattoo cost?

It's kind of hard to answer without knowing how large you want it and how much detail you'd like. Every tattoo artist is a little different, but generally, I would say they charge $100/hr. You'll really need to talk to a tattoo artist that you feel comfortable with to find the exact cost. If you plan on getting it on the inside of your arm like the picture shown, and about six inches long, 1-2 inches high, then I would say anywhere from $100-200. That is just an estimate. Good luck!